Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Someone on my Facebook mentioned Goodreads.com. I see they have a place to set reading goals. 2014 doesn't seem to be up yet, but I'll join it when it shows up. When I titled this blog I was going to do 50 books a year but that title was taken so I went with the next number which is 51 and then two days later I realized since there are 52 weeks in a year, it would have been more logical to pick 52. Ah well, if I can keep up with the pace of a book a week I'll be lucky. This week I finished reading Awakened by Cast. I had read part of it last July then  had to return it while I went out of town. So when I recently got it back I couldn't remember where I stopped reading and ended up reading the whole book again, which was very frustrating.

I just started reading an Alaskan story called the Raven's Gift. I like the way the chapters alternate between the present and the recent past. It's a bit of a thriller at this point, though I'm not sure where the author is going with it.

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